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    Are Ohio Sportsbooks Legal in 2022? When Will They Be Available?

    Author Mats Published Published 15/02-2022

    Thanks to new regulations, sports betting is fast becoming a very popular pastime in the US. For many years, it was only possible for US sports fans to place bets in certain locations, but the country has recently lifted a federal ban on sports wagering. Since 2018, states have been free to set their own laws and regulations on sports betting, leading to a growing number of options for sports fans across the country.

    While the likes of West Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and others have legalized sports betting, some states are still waiting. Ohio is among them, as although progress has been made, the state is still without legal sportsbooks. The process of introducing and finalizing sports betting bills has taken some time, and in Ohio, simply passing a bill wasn't enough. Governor Mike DeWine signed the sports betting bill on December 22nd, 2021.

    Although this bill that passed through the Ohio house technically means sports betting is now legal in the state, it will still be some time before the first sportsbooks can launch. Betting fans will have to wait before they can claim Ohio sportsbook bonuses, as the first sports bets can't be placed until licenses are finalized. It's expected that the first bets will be placed before January 2023.

    What Are the Details on Ohio Sports Betting?

    Although the sports betting bill has now passed and been signed into law, the full details aren't known yet. As a result, it's impossible to know what bettors can expect of the Ohio sportsbooks when they go live. However, based on regulations passed in other states, it's fair to assume that betting will be restricted to those who are 21 and older. It can also be assumed that sites will allow betting on major sports, including the NFL and NBA.

    Additionally, it's very likely that online sportsbooks will need to verify the user's identity and location before they can bet. This is standard practice at other sports betting sites across the country, so it's safe to expect a similar setup here too. The sportsbooks will need to be licensed and regulated by the Ohio Casino Control Commission, and there will be multiple classes of license.

    Although it's too early to say, it's fairly certain that all of the country's biggest sportsbooks will be looking to launch in Ohio. Ohio's sports betting market will be one of the country's largest, with a potential gross gaming income of about $1 billion. The state is a huge potential market, and the likes of DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and many more will be eager to launch their betting platforms for Ohio sports fans to sign up and start betting.

    When Will the First Ohio Sportsbooks Launch?

    It's unclear when the first legal sports bets in Ohio will be taken. However, since the bill was signed, the expected timeline has been brought up before January 2023. In other words, it's almost guaranteed that the first Ohio sportsbooks will go live in 2022.

    The Ohio Casino Control Commission is expected to spend the entirety of 2022 preparing for the launch of this new industry. That's going to take a lot of work, and it will be a while before the first license can be approved. One thing we do know is that for now, the number of mobile sportsbooks will be capped at four.

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