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    New promotion from Tonybet

    Published Published 31/08-2020

    Pragmatic Play has come together with Tonybet to provide one of the biggest promotions of the last decade. With players given the opportunity to win from a €2 million prize fund, it has already caused a number of jaws to drop. Every single week Tonybet will be giving away more than €60,000 to players who are eligible for the promotion. Starting from the beginning of July the promotion will be running for more than six months.

    The promotion is called Drops and Wins and it will feature exclusively Pragmatic Play titles. This means that players will have access to some of the absolute top games on the market which offer plenty of fun and enjoyment.

    Prizes on offer each week

    What’s so great is that there are big prizes available each and every week to players. With the top three players in the promotion sharing €10,000 between them. It doesn’t end there though, there will also be cash prizes for the top 350 players each week meaning that plenty of players can get a reward during this promotion.

    Prizes on offer each day

    There’s more than just the weekly prizes available to players. Every single day there will be a single prize of €1,000 awarded to players as well as other cash prizes that are awarded to 79 other players.

    Prizes available through tournaments each week

    There is an incredible prize multiplier that’s offered to players each week in the Drops and Wins tournament. This will give one lucky player a prize multiplier of 5,000 if they win the tournament. There’s no need to worry though, there will also be prizes available for 350 players in total over the course of the weekly tournament.

    Prize multipliers awarded every day

    There are also 80 different prize multipliers given out to players every day. The top prize in this daily award is a prize multiplier of 1,000. So it’s a potentially fantastic prize to have.

    How the tournament work each week

    The weekly tournaments are really simple to work out. The player score is worked out in relation to the amount that a player wins over the course of the tournament. However, it’s not a cumulative amount that counts towards the top position on the leaderboard. It’s the highest amount won from just one single spin. Players have the ability to check over the leaderboard at any point when they are playing, so it’s really easy to learn what position you’re sitting in. If more than one player grabs the top spot on the leaderboard at the end of the week then the player who managed to get the score first will be awarded the top prize that’s on offer. Players need to make a wager of at least €0.50 on the games included in the tournament to be placed on the leaderboard.

    Prizes awarded to players each day

    Over the course of each week there will also be a prize given out on each day. This works differently to tournaments and leaderboards because it is a random prize award. So, when you’re playing your game you will be given the opportunity to get a random prize from any of the available prizes. Just like the weekly tournament, players will need to wager at least €0.50 in order to be eligible to win the prizes that are on offer.

    Prizes for the weekly prize multiplier tournament

    This tournament works in a very similar manner to the other weekly tournament. While the prize is different, in that it awards a multiplier rather than a standard preset payout, the way that the win is calculated is the same. So this means that the top single win on any games that are included in the promotion will then be multiplied by the prize that the player is able to win. Just like with the other weekly tournament, if players are tied at the top of the leaderboard then whichever player achieved the top score first will be awarded the top prize. Unlike the other tournaments, players don’t have to place a minimum bet amount in order to get access to this tournament.

    Prizes for the daily prize multiplier tournament

    Every week there is a prize awarded across every single day of the week. This works as a random prize and will give players a multiplier for the winning amount for their wager. The games that are included in the promotion will allow players to see the exact standings of the current tournament. On top of this players can win the random prize more than once each day, making it potentially highly lucrative. There is no minimum stake in place for the random prize multiplier, meaning that every single player has access to the prizes that are on offer.

    Rules across the entire promotion

    The tournament itself will run over 32 weeks. This means that there will be 32 weekly tournaments on offer as well as 224 daily contests. The entire promotion will run until February 2021, meaning that players have plenty of opportunities to get involved. There will also be prizes totalling €2 million during this time. It makes it one of the biggest promotions that has been offered by an online casino. The games that are included in each month of the promotion will be announced during the previous month. This will give players a month to prepare for the game. Players will need to be 18 or over in order to enter the promotion and it can be entered by both old and new Tonybet members.

    What should also be noted is that the original terms and conditions were created in English. So, if there are any differences that are related to translations, the English version of the rules will be used as the deciding rules. This is to protect both Tonybet and players. The promotion can only be entered by one person in each family. So this includes an IP Address, house address or anything else that links people. If it’s found that players from the same household have been making use of the promotions then Tonybet is able to cancel the promotion for all players concerned. This includes reclaiming any bonus amounts that have been earned during this time.

    The promotion is purely aimed for recreational players. So if you’re a professional player Tonybet reserves the right to limit you from entering within the promotion, either partially or completely. This is to allow a wider variety of players to gain access to the prizes that are on offer. It should also be made clear that gambling is not a way to solve any issues that you might be having in terms of your finances. The best way to get the most from this promotion is to read over the rules and be completely aware of what they entail.

    If you want to take part in this 6-month long Pragmatic Play tournament on TonyBet you can do so by claiming your welcome bonus below:

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