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    Responsible Gaming

    At FindFairCasinos we love communicating with players who are interested in reading our casino reviews, using our unique offers in terms of free spins and in online gambling in general. We however also recognize that some people cannot handle online gambling and as a result can develop unhealthy behavior towards it.

    We always try to remind the players on our site that online gambling should be for entertainment only. In some cases, we have experienced that some players can turn it into a self-destructive behavior and become addicted to free spins and all the other offers that are available on the internet, instead of having online gambling as an exciting hobby.

    If a situation appears, where you in any way are worried that your, or a family member’s gambling behaviour is starting to get out of control, there are several ways to seek help.

    In most countries you will find institutions where you can get help for free. Often, the easiest solution is to make an online search via Google and to include the relevant country in the search. We have also made a list with links to inform where you or a family member can get help.

    Recognizing a Problem

    It is completely fine to gamble online occasionally, or to play more often if you enjoy the excitement that comes with it. But if it gets out of control or you start playing with money you cannot afford to lose, it starts becoming a problem.

    If you are ever in doubt, please read the following criteria to help yourself figure out if you or a family member might have a gambling problem:

    A person needs online gambling with higher amounts to feel satisfied while playing.

    A person has attempted to play less, but becomes angry or feel restlessness.

    A person has many times tried to stop gambling entirely, but failed.

    A person cannot think of anything fun to do, besides online gambling.

    A person uses online gambling to forget distress and sadness.

    A person is trying to win back money that they lost ether on online gambling or other things.

    A person lies to family and friends about their gambling behaviour.

    A person has lost relationships, jobs or educational opportunities by gambling.

    If only one of these criteria seems familiar about yourself or a person you know, it is not enough to conclude that there is a problem with gambling. If many of the criteria however fits to a given person or yourself, you might have a problem, and you should seek help.

    If you still cannot find the help you need in your country, you are more than welcome to take contact to us by using our contact section.

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